Who can apply for the Program?

Our target group are journalists, bloggers, media activists and researchers from around the world. We give priority to applicants with no more than 3 years of experience in journalism or related fields. Experience in journalism  is not an obligatory requirement. There are two obligatory requirements: a candidate MUST speak fluent Russian and submit a brief description of a media project he/she would like to work on upon the completion of the study program. All our classes are taught in Russian.

How do I apply for the Program?

Application period opens on February 27 and closes on April 10 at 23:59 Prague time, UTC+1 (GMT+1). The deadline for the applications submission may be extended. In order to apply to the Program, fill out an application form and attach a written description of your media project.

How to develop a media project concept?

The concept is a brief description of a media project you will be working on upon the completion of the Program. You can propose a range of formats — a written report/story/essay, a photo project, a documentary, a podcast, etc. We ask all applicants to clearly state his/her project’s idea and format, its relevance and develop a preliminary work plan. You have to be able to develop your project on your own by the end of the year 2021 and it should not require any additional costs.  You can check out the projects of our alumni by clicking on the link.

Do you accept media projects submitted by a team?

Our program is designed for individuals. We do not consider team proposals. You MUST be able to develop your project on your own, but you can invite others to work on your project.

Can I propose more than one project?

Yes, but preferably no more than two.

How do we select participants?

The selection of the participants of the Summer School is carried out by the professional jury. It includes School’s management, journalists and media managers. The main criteria for the selection are potential benefits of the training program for a candidate, media project’s  feasibility and relevance and jury’s conviction that a candidate will be able to complete his/her project . Even though we ask you to assess your professional skills in our application form (photo and video shooting, editing, software use, etc.), the jury does not regard this information as the main factor they base their judgement on. We need this information to better tailor our Program to your particular professional needs.

Can I rely on professional support with publication of my journalistic project?

Our participants discuss their media projects  with editors during special workshops. We break down our participants into groups and appoint a mentor who advise his/her group and its individual members.  The best projects are published by our partner media outlets.

Where does the School take place?

The Summer School normally takes place in Prague. Our sessions are held in the main building of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our School-2020  was held online. We used two virtual platforms — Zoom and Learme

Where will the School be held in 2021?

We haven’t yet taken the final decision. It depends on the epidemiological situation. We are considering several options — in-person training, distance learning or a combination of  the two  formats.

Do I need to be vaccinated or present a negative COVID test in case of in-person training?

These requirements are determined by countries governments.  If travelling to a certain country requires mandatory negative COVID test or vaccination, the School will not cover the related costs.

How do I  enter the Czech Republic?

Check out if you need a visa to enter the Czech Republic. The Boris Nemtov Foundation assists School’s participants in obtaining a tourist visa for the duration of the Program. If a candidate has a valid tourist visa for one of the Schengen countries, he/she doesn’t not have to apply for another visa.

How much money do I need during my stay in Prague?

The School covers travel expenses from your  permanent residence to Prague and back, provides meals, public transportation tickets, and medical insurance. The Faculty of Arts provides free accommodation for our participants.  All extra expenses are not covered by the Program.

How does the schedule look like?

You have to take note that the Program is very intensive and you will not be able to work during this period.  During weekdays participants attend lectures and workshops ( in some cases we have sessions on Saturdays). We expect our participants to attend all classes. On weekends, we offer cultural program or outdoor activities but these events are optional.

Do you provide free Internet access ?

Lectures and workshops are held in the main building of the Faculty of Arts  at Charles University. There is free Internet access in the classrooms.